Handmade with 100% recycled materials for the conscious consumer

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100% post consumer recycled diamonds

100% reclaimed metals

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Small Batch, Handcrafted

We produce our engagement rings in small batches of 5-10. This ensures that we can focus on sourcing the highest quality recycled center stones to make one of kind sustainable rings with.

Handmade with 100% recycled materials for the conscious consumer.

Next drop is November 15th

Every Day Diamond Rings

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Sustainable Stacker Chains

Chains made from 100% recycled metals

"The level of customer service Brooke provides is what you want in every business interaction you have, especially one as important and special as an engagement ring."

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Everyday diamond rings

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Why A Brooke Designs is different

The Secret: Pre-Loved Diamonds | Small Batch | Hand-Crafted Rings

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We are trying to shake up the jewelry industry by saying F*CK YOU to diamond mining that is destroying our planet & treating people inhumanely. Instead we are sourcing our materials from 100% post consumer recycled sources. We believe there are enough diamonds in circulation to go around.


Why is recycled better?

When someone buys a freshly mined diamond, diamond mining companies profit. This signals to them that they should continue mining. By buying a recycled stone, the consumer is empowered to reduce demand on the diamond mining industry.

More about Recycled Diamonds

Beautifully crafted

Beautifully crafted and designed diamond rings, made in small batches with love. Every stone is hand set by our master jeweler.

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Sustainable Stacking Chains

Chains made from 100% recycled metal for everyday wear.

Buy it once, wear it forever.

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Sustainable shopping is the FUTURE!

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