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One of a Kind designs

I design small batch one of a kind engagement rings using 100% recycled materials. My designs are the most sustainable option on the market. Keep your eye out for new designs! I release a limited number of pre made rings per month.

Recycled Diamonds

Diamonds are the worlds hardest naturally occuring substance. They can maintain their quality for several of our lifetimes, making them perfect to reuse. Reduce demand on the destructive mining industry by choosing to buy a recycled diamond for your center stone.

Build Your Own Ring

Choose your pre loved champagne or galaxy diamond from our stone library. Customize a ring around your one of a kind diamond.

Guaranteed Eco Ethical

I guarantee that your product is made with 100% post consumer recycled stones and reclaimed metals. This is the most sustainable option on the market.

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One on One Support

You work directly with the designer and owner behind this small business. She does small batch work so she can still provide excellent customer service.