Meet Brooke

I'm Brooke and I created this small business from a commitment to create low impact designs for environmentally and socially conscious couples. I am one of only a handful of jewelers nationwide who specialises in sourcing recycled, antique, second hand or pre loved diamonds. This tiny business is run just by me! I test and hand pick every diamond that comes onto the site from sources across the United States. I find unique, heirloom quality diamonds to be remade into new pieces of jewelry.

Read our mission statement below to learn more about my why.


Protect our winters

I was born and raised in Colorado on Ute ancesteral land. I was fortunate to be raised on a pair of skis, and skiing is one of my true joys in life. Since I was a child, I have seen the snowpack of this place become less and less. I see the rivers running dry. I started sourcing recycled stones and metals because I care deeply about the environment. I wanted to do what I could to help. I know that you are here because you care too. Thank you for joining me in caring for this beautiful blue ball we call home.

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