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Our Mission

A Brooke Designs is a woman owned tiny business that is trying to shake up the jewelry industry by offering finished pieces of fine jewelry made with 100% recycled materials. 

Brooke was sick of the misleading messaging that greenwashes diamond mining into a sustainable and ethical practice. Things like "conflict free" and "ethical" labeling are designed to make the consumer feel good about a purchase that is still harmful to the Earth and the people in it. 

Our mission is to create timeless pieces of jewelry made from the most sustainable materials on the market - ones that come from post consumer recycled sources.

When it comes to jewelry we believe that less is more and quality is everything. One unique piece of jewelry can and should be worn for a lifetime.

All of our stones are hand picked from sources in the U.S. and our metals are all 100% reclaimed. 

Learn more about where we source our materials from.


Learn more about recycled diamonds.

Recycled Diamonds

Our Story

Learn about our owner and designer, Brooke.

About Brooke
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