Recycled Diamonds

Social & Environmental footprint

Why is recycled better?

When someone buys a freshly mined diamond, the diamond miner sees a profit and that signals to them that they should continue producing this item. By buying a recycled stone, someone is able to reduce demand on the diamond mining industry.

Why does it matter?

With millions of pounds of diamonds in circulation worldwide, there is a huge supply of heirloom quality post consumer stones available for purchase. By buying these stones, you can create change by reducing demand on an extractive and harmful industry.

Are recycled diamonds still good quality?

Debeers coined the phrase "a diamond is forever," and they aren't wrong. Diamonds are the hardest naturally occuring substance on earth and can only be scratched by another diamond. That being said, not every used diamond is in perfect quality. This is why its important to find used diamonds from reputable suppliers. I stand by my stones.

What types of recycled stones do I sell?

All of the stones I sell on this site have imperfections which make them wholly unique.

These are inclusions and colors in the stones. The stones' cuts are all of high quality.

Some of the stones I buy will be recut and repolished, making them identical in quality to freshly mined stones.

The antique stones that I buy may have some wear along the edges but are hand cut from the 1700s and the 1800s.