Recycled Diamonds

A recycled diamond is a stone that was reintroduced into the supply chain from a consumer. That is a fancy way of saying its second hand. There are different types of second hand stones.


Antique stones are generally classified as being from the 1700s or 1800s. these are unique because they were hand cut by artisans before the invention of laser cutters.


Vintage Stones are second hand stones that have not been altered but were not cut by hand. These stones are generally going to have modern day cuts.


Some US suppliers recut and polish second hand stones. These stones are identical in quality to a freshly mined diamond. All of our small melee stones have been recut from larger recycled diamonds.


Diamonds are ideal for recycling as they are the hardest naturally occuring substance on Earth.

Only a diamond can scratch another diamond.

Recycled stones generally maintain their integrity. However, recycled diamonds can develop wear on the girdle of the cut. That is why it is important to buy recycled stones from dealers who know what to look for.

I stand by my diamonds. You have a 7 day money back guarantee if the quality isn't to your liking.

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One of a Kind Stones

I love a good clear and colorless diamond but I prefer to source stones that are unique.

I love champagne diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds, galaxy diamonds, and antique cut stones.

Diamonds come with so much diversity, and I love to represent that in my designs.

All of our loves are unique and the stones we choose to wear for life should be too.