Ethical Sourcing

I source all my materials from reputable dealers in the USA.

But... for most conscious consumers, thats not enough. So here is exactly where I get all my materials.

Reclaimed Metals

I get my recycled reclaimed metal from a company based in Lafayette LA, USA.

Stuller is known for its proprietary blends of recycled metals making them more resistant to wear and dullness.

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Recycled Melee

Melee refers to the small accent stones that are used to accent your engagement rings. They are typically 1mm-3mm in diameter.

All of my everyday rings are made using 100% recycled melee.

I source my melee from White Pine Wholesale.

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Recycled Center Stones

Recycled center stones are harder to source and I use multiple sources including estate sales.

Finding high quality unique center stones takes time and I spend most of mine pouring over all the options out there to find you the best stones that are just waiting for a new love story, yours.

Origin of Center Stones

I get GIA certifications for all my estate stones to ensure their quality.

I will never know exactly where these stones came from. However, because they came from post consumer recycled sources, they are guaranteed to reduce demand on the extractive and destructive diamond mining industry.

Conscious consumers understand the impact of buying second hand items.

• Ensure the ring that symbolizes your love supports the sustainable future you want with your partner •

Recycled Melee

My recycled melee has been recut and polished.

That means it is identical in quality to freshly mined diamonds.

Identical in quality but unparalleled in impact.

Recycled diamonds are lower impact than lab grown or freshly mined.