Sustainability in jewelry

For the conscious consumer "conflict free" and "ethically sourced" diamonds are not good enough.

By buying recycled, consumers are speaking up and saying they won't support environmental destruction, child labor and unfair and unsafe working conditions.

Supply and Demand

Buying a recycled diamond ring from A Brooke Designs effectively reduces demand on the diamond mining industry. Eventually, a drop in demand from consumers choosing more sustainable options will lead to less diamond mining worldwide.

Impact of Recycled

A recycled stone has already been purchased from a big corporation. It's environmental footprint has already been made. By buying a recycled stone, you are able to reduce your carbon and environmental footprint.

Conscious Consumers

I see you.

You give a shit about the Earth.

Thank you for supporting a tiny business that wants to shake up the jewelry industry.

Diamond Mines: Destructive and Extractive.

Diamond mines can be seen from space.

They are extremely destructive to local environments causing pollution and disrupting ecosystems.

Oftentimes, the pollution and degredation caused by these mines leaves the local populations with few other options other than to work for the mine to survive.

Child labor is still a problem in many of these mines.

The Kimberly Process: A flawed regulatory system.

The kimberly process was created to stop the spread of "blood diamonds" into Western markets. These diamonds are characterized as ones used to fund armed rebel groups.

It doesn't take into consideration mines run using child labor or those that have horrible conditions for its workers who have few other options.

There is very little transparency on how the kimberly process is upheld and it is self regulated by diamond mining companies. This leaves very little ability for third parties to evaluate the effectiveness of this process.

Additionally, it is extremely challenging to track the origin of freshly mined diamonds. Buying "conflict free" and "ethical" can be very misleading. Buying recycled diamonds guarantees that your purchase creates the least amount of impact.

Conflict Free does not mean Ethical

The price we pay is bigger than the price tag.

'Conflict-free’ and ‘ethically sourced’ diamonds still contribute to:

~ Environmental destruction

~ Pollution

~ Unfair & unsafe working conditions

~ Child labor