How to measure your ring size.

The best way to get your ring size is to go into see a jeweler at the end of your day, when your fingers tend to be a bit more swollen. You want the ring to slide over your knuckle with some resistance.

The rings sold on this site have 2mm band widths on average, which is fairly delicate. Most ring sizers are wider metal, so be aware that these rings will feel a bit bigger than the sizers.

***Please note we offer quarter sizes!!!

Do it at home

Click the link on the photo to see a video of how to size your finger at home. This video is from the youtube channel. Checkout and the for more wedding and engagement advice.


I offer every client one complementary resizing. If your ring is the wrong size, I will send you a mailing label to ship your ring in to have it resized. It is about a 2 week turnaround. Please keep in mind I can only size up or down by 2 full sizes, so make sure you get it in the ball park before you purchase.