Moody Galaxy Diamond - 0.99 Carat Round Brilliant
Moody Galaxy Diamond - 0.99 Carat Round Brilliant
Moody Galaxy Diamond - 0.99 Carat Round Brilliant
Moody Galaxy Diamond - 0.99 Carat Round Brilliant
Moody Galaxy Diamond - 0.99 Carat Round Brilliant

Moody Galaxy Diamond - 0.99 Carat Round Brilliant

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This moody diamond has notes of both light and dark. Speckled with carbon inclusions and clouds of grey this stone has all the charm of a rainy day. This one of a kind, pre loved diamond represents the commitment of lifetime partnership through all the good times and the hard. It shows a willingness to Embrace both the joy and challenge that goes with a life well lived. Set this stone in a white gold or platinum setting to accentuate the clarity and light in this stone. Yellow or Rose gold will create an antique feel. 

This diamond comes with a GIA certification

Measurements: 6.19 - 6.23 x 4.02 mm

Clarity: I3

Polish: Good

Symmetry: Fair

Fluorescence: Faint

Congrats on finding a one of a kind preloved diamond!

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Keep in mind, 14K gold is not as pure as 18K however it is less expensive and more durable. If you have an active lifestyle, I recommend 14K.

Platinum is the most durable of all the metals offered and also the most expensive.

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2. The Reyna: an asymmetrical cluster style ring with a regal crown of small diamonds to surround your unique center stone.

3. The Erin: A center stone with two small pear shaped side stones.

4. The Anna: A center stone surrounded with an assymetrical floral cluster of small diamonds.

All of the ring styles have a 2mm band which is durable but still delicate.

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Style Solitaire
Material 14K Yellow Gold

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Solitaire Setting

Choose from a simple 4 prong solitaire setting for your unique preloved diamond. Or pick from one of the three settings below: the Anna, the Erin and the Reyna. All of these settings can accommodate a round stone.

The Erin

This setting can have a round or oval center stone (oval is pictured). This three stone design is set with two pear shaped diamonds on either side of the center stone. The low profile setting is perfect for the simple bride who loves a sparkle.

The Reyna

This assymetrical design puts a crown of small diamonds around the featured center stone. This ring sits beautifully with its wedding band. It is a unique design for the bohemian bride.

The Anna

This assymetrical floral cluster of diamonds is whimsical and delicate. This design accentuates a unique center stone the best of all our designs. For the bride who wants something that is feminine and one of a kind.