Trillion Stacker Ring

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This beautiful and handmade Diamond Ring is available in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold. 100% reclaimed metal. The diamonds in this gold stacker ring have all been recut and polished from 100% post consumer recycled stones. They are identical in quality to freshly mined diamonds. 

☼ This item is made to order ☼ give it 2-3 weeks for us to consciously craft and ship your ring

 ➼Made with proprietary reclaimed gold formula designed to resist wear and dullness. 

Item details:

 ✔14K Solid Gold - 100% reclaimed metal

✔Stone is hand set by master jeweler.

✔Available in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold.

✔VS1 in quality with colorless diamonds.


  • Stone size - Trillion shape 3x3x3mm
  • Top height 1.81mm
  • Band thickness 1.75
  • Band width 1.98
  • Total ring weight - 2.22 grams
  • Top of ring dimensions - 4x4 mm
  • Setting type - bezel setting


Each order is packaged in a beautiful velvet ring box.

Packed with bio degradable packing peanuts.



I design small batch one of a kind engagement rings using 100% recycled materials. My designs are the most sustainable option on the market. Keep your eye out for new designs! I release a limited number of pre made rings per month.


Diamonds are the worlds hardest naturally occuring substance. They can maintain their quality for several of our lifetimes, making them perfect to reuse. Reduce demand on the destructive mining industry by choosing to buy a recycled diamond for your center stone.


I was Raised in the Colorado Rockies, and like many of you, I have a deep love for our Earth and a connection with the American West.

Recycled diamonds have been previously mined and are being reentered into the supply chain. Their impact has already been created. A recycled diamond has almost zero environmental and social impact.

That's why I dedicated myself to sourcing 100% post consumer recycled stones for my clients. Intelligent and caring consumers nationwide are looking for engagement ring options with less impact on the world we live in. That is what I strive to provide to that small but dedicated group of humans who knows that voting with their wallet is the best way to create change.